The concept of hive

The Hive concept is centered on your family. It's an auto-expandable network that facilitates the growth of your connections with extended family, all while sticking to the principle of 7R.

7R Relations

It represents the seven fundamental relationships in an individual's life, encompassing Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Spouse, Daughter, and Son. Knobee brings forth the opportunity to establish a multi-level network, following the chain.

Private social media network

With Knobee your data is kept private, eliminating any possibility of data misuse. You have the flexibility to choose the visibility of your content, whether it's intended for your family, friends, or the public.


A family is a boundless connection. When a user logs in, they can add their immediate family network and get connected to their extended family over a short period.

Extended family tree

It's an automatically expanding network that focuses on extending networks and connections, following the principle of 7R, representing the seven relationships held by each adult.

Connect with friends

Knobee has a whole separate space to connect with friends, classmates, colleagues, and more.