What is Knobee?

Knobee is a private social media that offers solutions to the challenges of today’s social media landscape. Being a private social media platform, Knobee creates a secure space for sharing cherished moments with your close friends and family. Knobee's key feature lies in its ability to help you craft a family tree and establish connections with your extended family, setting it apart from conventional social media platforms.

One can step away from the chaos and monotony of other social media savoring the authenticity of pure bonds with KnoBee.

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We aim to offer a secure social media platform tailored to users' preferences, eliminating the need for app-switching. With separate spaces for family and friends, Knobee enhances privacy and strengthens bonds through its advanced features.


We aspire to become a digital platform that reaches every household, by creating genuine connections with your loved ones through Knobee.

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