Everyone may easily get started with KnoBee as all you need is a mobile device with a strong network connection. Once you open the app after installing it, you will receive an OTP on your given phone number. Once verified, the app is ready for use. In order to complete the family tree, you will eventually be requested to enter your relatives as Parents, Siblings, Spouse, etc. You can skip it and continue on if you don't have somebody who fits into any of the offered relations.

Note: It is mandatory to add your parents to the family tree either with their direct mobile number or yours.

The KnoBee is completely free to use for all registered users, even while searching, matching, or using the emergency services features of the app.

KnoBee is a safe and private platform for sharing private moments with your closest friends and family members, including extended relatives. Its aim is to firstly establish your private family tree (which only includes parents, relatives, siblings, and spouse), after which you may invite your friends to your hive since it believes in bringing families together. To finish the family tree, make sure that all of the family members have included you as well. This would lead to the creation of a genealogy and the use of all the application's capabilities. The highly secure platform KnoBee ensures that only you have access to your family tree and respects your privacy. The family tree is only accessible to family members, while friends or other people can only publicly examine it.

Only mates can view your designated wall sections, and your connection can see the data you choose to make it visible to them. In addition, You can customize visibility for different sections as per your preferences.

The app's algorithm forwards posts based on their assigned layers (Hive, Mate, or All). Original, valuable, and compelling posts will be shared with your connections, while irrelevant ones won't be circulated further.

Your unlimited family network via Family Tree enables you to access sharing information, articles, knowledge, and other sharing media without invading others' privacy or space. You may also acquire information on your family's history and ancestors with just a simple click. Our search routinely does free matchmaking inside your Hive or Emergency SOS.

Yes, you may completely prevent any person from accessing your place by blocking them.

You may customize your page with KnoBee using your media and posts. When a KnoBee user visits your page and clicks on the Follow button, he or she agrees to receive all broadcast material. Following that, any post allocated to your followers will be instantly transmitted to all of your following users as a newsfeed post.

KnoBee SOS Button is intended for persons who have medical concerns, live alone, travel to unexpected locations, suffer a breakdown, or require emergency assistance from a relative rather than a stranger. When you use this SOS option, KnoBee detects your position and notifies your Close Relatives (L1) and the sort of emergency. Second, locate and notify adjacent Hivers of the situation. When a volunteer Hiver or Hivers is ready to assist, KnoBee connects them all to a temporary Broadcast channel where all relatives and volunteers may obtain and update information about the Hiver in need.